Top 10 Tweets of the Week (Week 45 – 2011)

Welcome to our inaugural installment of Tweets of the Week!  Given this past week we celebrated both Veterans Day as well as the USMC birthday (#236 Semper Fi!) there are a few tweets mixed in on those subjects.  The following ten tweets are the best of the best from my Twitter stream.  Enjoy! [blackbirdpie url=”!/USMC/status/134630053031059458″]

QR Codes: Relevance in the Supply Chain?

So, just what are QR codes and why are they so popular?  First, a little background.  QR stands for “quick response” and the technology was created in 1994 by Denso Corporation.  Denso is currently the largest automotive parts supplier for Toyota Motor Corp.  Toyota utilized QR codes to track vehicles as they moved through the