APICS San Gabriel Valley Chapter helps to facilitate employment by offering resume and job listing boards. APICS students and manufacturing job candidates may post their resumes, while employers and recruiters may post job opportunities. You may also directly email a candidate or employer.

In the process of posting a resume or job listing you will create an account on this website. You will need a valid email address that you can access, as you will receive an email with your username and a link you will visit to set a password. Please keep track of your username and password, as you will need them to log in when you wish to update or remove a resume or job listing.


  • Search for posted jobs here.
  • Post your resume here.
  • Manage your posted resume here.

Employers and Recruiters

  • View candidate resumes here.
  • Post an employment opportunity here.
  • Manage your job postings here.
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