APICS Courses Start January 2016

APICS classes start in January 2016.

APICS Course Offerings


Basics of Supply Chain Management

Basics of Supply Chain Management is the first course in the CPIM lineup. Students learn:

  • How to manage the complete flow of materials in the supply chain from suppliers to customers
  • The “ins and outs” of the manufacturing, distribution, service, and retail industries
  • The fundamental relationships in the design, planning, execution, monitoring, and control functions
  • How to manage demand, including market fluctuations and customer expectations
  • How to design products, processes, and information systems
  • How to understand supply issues including inventory costs, functions, and metrics

Starts January 11, 2016.
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Execution and Control of Operations

Execution and Control of Operations teaches you to translate plans into operational activities. Students learn to:

  • Compare actual output to plans and take appropriate corrective actions
  • Effectively communicate ideas and instruct others in a group setting
  • Create operational solutions in the face of competing resources
  • Understand the release of work and report performance through data collection
  • Execute quality initiatives and plan for continuous improvement
  • Evaluate trade-offs and participate in critical project design decisions

To start January 2016.

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Strategic Management of Resources

Strategic Management of Resources is the final course in the CPIM lineup and should be taken last. Students will:

  • Explore complex concepts within the entire APICS CPIM body of knowledge
  • Understand the relationships of existing and emerging processes and technologies
  • Understand the various, interrelated business environments
  • Learn how to develop and implement business and operations strategy

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