September 17, 2011

The Port of Long Beach supports 30,000 jobs in Long Beach and 316,000 jobs in Southern California. About 1.4 million jobs throughout the U.S. are related to PoLB-generated trade.

Parker Lighthouse Restaurant

Parker Lighthouse Restaurant

The Pacific Spirit

Tour boat Pacific Spirit

Two dedicated APICS members.


We get the first good look at the container crans.

First view of the harbor cranes.

Notice the comparative size to the small boat.

The Queen Mary

Howard Hughe's Spruce Goose used to be in the white dome. Now, about half of it is used as a terminal for Carnival Cruises.

Carnival Cruises dome.

A bulk ship waits patiently inside the breakwater.

Bulk ship waiting its turn for unloading.

Some containers just get stacked up for a while.

Big Stack

There are two tracks, one behind the other. Looks like the containers are two high.

Roll In and Out Trains

One of several hybrid diesel and electric tugs.


These containers just came off a ship and are ready for further processing.

Containers just off the ship

These harbor security guards are always alert.

Harbor guards

An empty truck comes up to a mark. The crane drops a container on it. The truck then leaves and another empty truck comes up. It took less than 20 seconds between trucks.

Truck Loading

Side view of containers on the ship.


There's still about 40' of draft below the water.

40-ft Ship Draft

One of the fire boats and a pilot boat.

Fire and Pilot Boats

Piles of scrap metal waiting to load for export. The cranes load the hopper on the truck seen just to the left of the ship.

Scrap Iron

The crane takes the hopper off the truck and just dumps it into the ship's hold.

Scrap Iron Hopper

When automobile sales were very slow, the Toyotas and Mercedes used to end up here for a while. It's about twice as large as the picture shows.

Automobile Parking

Lumber gets the same treatment as containers.

Lumber Yard

Serving their community

Ever Alert

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