Employers and recruiters may post employment opportunities here. Click on Job Posting Instructions for instructions on how to post your resume.

Job Posting Instructions

In the process of posting a job listing you will create an account on this website. You will receive an email with your username  and a link you will access to set a password. Please keep track of your username and password, as you will need them to log in when you wish to update or remove a job listing.

In the form below, enter your email address, the job opportunity title, job location city, employment type (full time, part time, etc.), a description of the job and a contact email. Then enter the company name, company website and a company description tag line (short phrase, or sentence, used to convey the essence of something). You may upload a video about your company as well as a company logo.

When you have entered this information, click on Preview to see how your posting will appear. Click on Submit when you are satisfied with your posting. Your posting must be approved by a site administrator before it becomes visible on the site so you may not see it immediately.

To view your posted job(s), go to the Employment Portal page. When you are logged in, you can mouse over the job title listing to expose quick links to Edit, Hide or Delete your posting.

Note: Employment opportunities expire 30 days after posting, but you may re-post an opportunity.

Submit a Job Posting

Leave this blank if the location is not important

Company Details

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