APICS San Gabriel Valley has created an alliance with several local colleges to supply training for private and for-profit California employers using State and Federal grant funds.

Using funds from California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP) APICS San Gabriel Valley can provide high-quality, low-cost training for qualified employers. This applies to our on-site training only.

ETP is a California state agency created in 1983 as a cooperative business-labor program to retrain workers. It was designed to fund training that meets the needs of employers for skilled workers for good, long-term jobs.

ETP is the only training program in California that targets the retraining of currently-employed workers.
ETP provides up to $120 million in job training funds annually to employers throughout the state. The source of these monies is the Employment Training Fund (one-tenth of one percent of the subject unemployment insurance wages paid by every private, for-profit employer in the state).

As an employer, you can avoid the paperwork and red tape of dealing directly with the state by using our college source for ETP-funded training. We typically receive approval in one week.

For more information about how APICS On-site Training and Low-Cost Employee Training can help you get what you want, please email us.

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