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APICS San Gabriel Valley offers multiple sessions of the CPIM classes during the year; this can enable you to complete your CPIM Certification classes within approximately a year. The CPIM class lineup is described in more detail here.

We recommend that you begin with Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM), which gives an overview of Supply Chain Management.  It is useful for everyone involved in operations, even higher-level managers who are not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of areas such as Planning. The balance of the CPIM courses drill down into much greater detail on the subjects introduced in the BSCM.

We also recommend you take the Strategic Management of Resources (SMR) course as the last class since it draws heavily on previous courses. However, CPIM certification does not require that the classes be taken in a specific order. The actual APICS certification requires only that you pass the five CPIM examinations.

Class Details


5:30 – 9:00 PM.

Dinner at 5:30, class starts at 6:00.

A pizza dinner is included in the course fee, though you are free to order other menu items at your own expense. The class is up to three hours if needed. Each class will agree on a schedule as needed, but the the first class runs from 5:30 – 9:00 PM.


Domenico’s Italian Restaurant
Upstairs banquet room.
236 W. Huntington Dr.
Monrovia, CA 91006
Phone: (626) 357-7975

APICS Contact Information


For companies wishing to have training delivered on-site at their facility, please see On-Site training information.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a class in the event there are too few students. If you have paid for a class, we will work with you to reschedule it; you will not lose your registration fee.

Class Fees

The class fee includes a pizza dinner (you may order other items from the menu at your expense) for each class night, the participant manual and online practice examination questions for the class. You may wish to purchase additional materials available on the APICS national web site.

We must order the participants’ manuals in advance to have them in time for the first class session. If we must order in the two weeks prior to course start, the expedited shipping cost increased markedly. We encourage you to register early and therefore have early and late class registration fees.

Early registration – more than 14 days before course start date Late registration – 14 days or sooner from course start date
APICS Members $535 $585
APICS Non-Members $575 $625



Please register for your class at our registration page. You will receive an email confirmation with your registration number.

We reserve the classroom space and order books based on the number of people registering, so please contact the Director of Marketing (contact information below) if you register and can’t attend the first class. Also call us if your plans to attend the class changes.


We accept payments via PayPal and by personal or corporate check.  Payment must be completed by the second class session.

PayPal Payments

PayPal will email you an electronic receipt. If you are using someone else’s PayPal account, ensure you send us an email noting that fact as PayPal lists funds by the account name. To pay via PayPal click here to register now.

Payments by Check

Personal or corporate checks are accepted. We recommend you bring the check to the first session so you can receive a receipt. If yours is not the name on the check, please note your name on the check so we can associate the payment to you.

Make check out to APICS San Gabriel Valley. If you are an APICS member, please write your member number on the check.

Bring check to first class session OR mail to:
APICS San Gabriel Valley Chapter
Box 661034
Arcadia, CA 91066

Payments by Credit Card

We do not accept credit card payments at this time.

APICS Membership Information

You do not have to be an APICS member to take training classes.

In order to be eligible for the APICS membership rate, you must be an APICS member or your company must have an APICS membership.

  • Personal or Professional Membership: You can find your member number on an APICS National mailing, immediately below the line of asterisks. It might start with “15….” and is about 7 digits long.
  • Corporate Membership: Enter your company’s member number on your registration form.
  • Group Membership: Group memberships grant specific individuals in the group to be professional-level members. If you’re not a specified group member, you do not qualify for the professional rate.
  • Student Membership: Enter your student member number in the form.

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