Onsite Training at Your Company’s Location

For companies seeking to train 10 or more employees, on-site training is the ideal solution and APICS San Gabriel Valley offers this service. On-site training helps companies excel by providing uniform instruction at a reasonable price while minimizing the disruption in workflow.

We can customize the length and content of any course. This is particularly useful if you are experiencing specific troubles such as missing delivery dates, inventory problems or trying to orient users to a new system, just to name a few.

Customization Examples

If you’re an aerospace company, we can eliminate references to commercial practices or can include the Material Management Accounting System (MMAS) 10 Key Elements, configuration management and other industry specific requirements.

If you’re a distributor, we can remove manufacturing references and focus on the sale and movement of goods.

If your company wants CPIM in a hurry, we can schedule onsite training for up to three times a week. Your attendees could complete each of the CPIM courses in about 3 weeks and complete the whole program in less than 4 months.

If you need Resource Management training but not CPIM, we can provide detailed resource management training on any number of specific topics:

  • Inventory Management
  • Forecasting
  • Planning
  • Manufacturing Control
  • Operations Management
  • Warehouse Management

Regardless of your industry’s specific requirements, we can support your training needs.

Low-Cost Employee Training

Our chapter has recently created an alliance with a local college to supply training for private and for-profit California employers using California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP) funds. This applies to our on-site training only.

ETP is a California state agency designed to fund training that meets the needs of employers for skilled workers and the need of workers for good, long-term jobs.

ETP provides up to $120 million in job training funds annually to employers throughout the state.  This program does not require that your company place a deposit or pre-pay for training.Contrary to what you might believe, using using our ETP-funded training program is surprisingly easy. Your company does not need to deal with the paperwork and red tape , and you can be approved extremely quickly, sometimes in just a few days (honest!). Read more about state training funds here.


For more information about on-site and low-cost employee training for your company, please email the Director of Professional Development.

An onsite class at Hain Celestial

This company did all five CPIM modules.

Bob Ratcliffe, Instructor