As a complimentary service of APICS San Gabriel Valley, we are offering you the opportunity to take the pulse of your employees on what issues they currently face and how they feel supply chain management training could benefit them.

The link to the online survey is below and you are welcome to distribute it to your employees with no obligation. It is anonymous other than asking the respondent for the name of his company (otherwise we cannot collate the results to send to share with you). All survey answers are confidential and will only be shared with an authorized representative of your company. If you distribute the survey to your employees, please notify us using the form below so that we can collate the results for you.

Go to the survey.

If you would prefer to distribute a version of this survey that is specifically branded to your company and available only to your employees, please complete the form below so an APICS San Gabriel Valley representative can set up the survey for you. There is no cost for this service and there no obligation other than APICS San Gabriel Valley being in contact with you by phone.

Request for Employee Training Needs Survey


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