Training Success Stories

Here are some recent success stories from manufacturers that have trained their staff on APICS courses.

President of fitness equipment manufacturer:

Due to our expanded growth in the e-commerce area, we find ourselves in the enviable position of having over 200% growth over the past 6 months. We now handle for all of the 12 western states as well as our approximately 50% growth in other Internet customers.

Keeping our staff relatively the same size is key to our success, since are margins are about 50% of our direct sales. Performance is critical because all orders received in the first 6 hours of the day must be shipped by the time we close at day end. This situation puts a significant burden on us that can be significantly addressed by additional staff training.

Another, earlier letter from this manufacturer:

Here are some success stories, my observation after your classes.

  1. Morale: A better team IS forming up. Every player is proactiely involving him/herself in daily tasks and [is] willing to give ideas for a better team When everyone is involved, spirits are up. For example, [when] we were short of staff from last Christmas season to January of 2012, everyone would stay to get jobs done. This includes warehouse staff too. In the meantime, there are smiles.
  2. Not as afraid of making mistakes as before. Always looking for root cause and make improvements on it. Example: Setting up new logistic inbound SOP with vendors. Communication is much clearer and precise. Also, it’s an open document that all interested people can view, and understand their shares of tasks to do next.
  3. It’s funny when talking to warehouse staff about where and how to stack. First thing he would think about is “Waste.” When methods are shared, people would open their eyes to look out for it. Knowledge is important.

Thank you for sharing your know-hows with us. It always made me feel good when surrounded by smiles and in an up-beat environment. You help deliver such an environment for us.

Senior Planner for a packaging manufacturer:

We started the CPIM training with the BSCM module.  We have participants from the various functional departments including operations, planning, warehouse and purchasing.  Almost immediately, it became apparent that we were using an informal business system in planning our operations.  With each session we became more knowledgeable in our understanding of our business.  We could begin to see how each of our functional areas were not independent but interdependent in making our facility a successful enterprise.

Production Control Manager of fastener manufacturer:

The average employee has been working at [our company] for over twenty years. At this point, habits have been developed. When I took over the position in January of 2013, I thought everything was satisfactory. It was only until we APICs training, did we understand the underlying issues.

Some of these problems include inaccurate reporting, under-utilizing our ERP system, over compensation with personnel, etc. One thing that shed some light on was the process. …I learned that 1) we were working much harder than we needed too, 2) carrying excessive inventory, and 3) working with individuals who were in denial or would work around the problem.

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