Top 10 Tweets of the Week (Week 45 – 2011)

Welcome to our inaugural installment of Tweets of the Week!  Given this past week we celebrated both Veterans Day as well as the USMC birthday (#236 Semper Fi!) there are a few tweets mixed in on those subjects.  The following ten tweets are the best of the best from my Twitter stream.  Enjoy!

[blackbirdpie url=”!/USMC/status/134630053031059458″] [blackbirdpie url=”!/Leadershipfreak/status/135911848213098496″] [blackbirdpie url=”!/BuzzedApathy/status/135967097258905600″] [blackbirdpie url=”!/bob_ferrari/status/133638625375158272″] [blackbirdpie url=”!/scdigest/status/135113269718429696″] [blackbirdpie url=”!/KarenMartinOpEx/status/135046247596834817″] [blackbirdpie url=”!/demingSoS/status/135509729538617344″] [blackbirdpie url=”!/FlexiblePencil/status/134852532567674880″] [blackbirdpie url=”!/TimALeanJourney/status/134679228053602305″] [blackbirdpie url=”!/LeanThinker/status/135069983876190211″]




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