PDM Video: White Collar Lean – Kaizen Events for the Office

Hello Everyone!

The below video is from a Professional Development Meeting (PDM) held on May 19th, 2011 at Domenico’s Italian Restaurant in Monrovia, CA.  The PDM was a joint collaboration between APICS San Gabriel Valley and ASQ San Gabriel Valley.  Mike Osterling, Lean expert and co-author of “The Kaizen Event Planner” was the guest speaker for the evening and the presentation is titled “White Collar Lean – Kaizen Events for the Office“.  While we encourage everyone to attend our PDMs for the networking opportunities and face-to-face interaction with the presenter (as well as the free food!), we have included a video of the presentation below for those who couldn’t attend.   For the supporting handouts from the PDM, please click here.  Enjoy!

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